Luna 🌙

programmer and gay pony

About me

Pan pride flag Asexual pride flag Polyamory pride flag Transgender pride flag

Furry | Brony | Autistic

Leftist | Free culture activist | ☭

Pronouns: Check my!

• I always follow back. Please, do the same.
• If you're a rightist or an exclusionist please block me.

Boring stuff that I like

• Software libre
• Open hardware
• Copyleft
• Free culture
• Class warfare
• History
• Programming

GitLab Mastodon

Gay stuff that I like

• Star vs. the Forces of Evil
• My Little Pony
• Celeste
• Minecraft
• Portal
• Beastars
• Amphibia
• The Owl House
• Gravity Falls
• Star Wars

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